وظائف جامعة العلمين الجديدة بمصر بتخصصات المحاسبة والإدارة والهندسة وبعض التخصصات الاخرى لسنة 2024

وظائف جامعة العلمين الجديدة بمصر بتخصصات المحاسبة والإدارة والهندسة وبعض التخصصات الاخرى لسنة 2024

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مجال علوم وهندسة الحاسوب 
وظيفة مساعد / أستاذ مشارك في المعلوماتية الحيوية
وظيفة مساعد / أستاذ مشارك في الأمن السيبراني

مجال العمل 
مساعد / أستاذ مشارك في التسويق
مساعد تدريس المحاسبة
مساعد تدريس الإدارة والتسويق

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شروط التقديم لوظيفة Accounting Teaching Assistant
Alamein International University is looking for candidates to fill the following open positions in the Faculty of Business.

Accounting Teaching Assistant.
The Teaching Assistants shall be responsible for teaching Accounting courses tutorials and conducting and promoting research in the University, besides the accreditation and administrative work. The duties and responsibilities and minimum required qualifications are listed below.

Job Information

Job Title:   Accounting Teaching Assistant
Job Location: Alamein International University, New Alamein City, Matrouh Governate 
Job Nature: Full Time
Working Hours: 9am-4pm, 4/5 days per week
Contract Duration: one year contract, renewable based on performance evaluation and university needs.  
Duties and Responsibilities:

Attend the course lectures for the assigned courses.  
Teaching load of 24-30 hours per week of tutorials for the Fall and Spring semesters and 6-10 hours in the summer semester, including all related preparation, examination, and accreditation work. 
Assist in preparing course assignments and labs and answer keys for assignments under the guidance of the course instructor. 
Help in preparing documents for quality and accreditation.
Conducting research under the supervision of the existing Faculty members. 
Exams proctoring and attendance recording. 
Assist in grading assignments, quizzes, lab exams, and midterm exams. 
Hold office hours (face-to-face and online) to support students. 
Help in managing the course LMS contents. 
Interact with the students using the discussion groups and forms on the LMS. 
Submit a yearly report with his/her achievements. 
Perform any other duties as assigned by the upper administration.   
Minimum Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from a Faculty of Commerce/Business of an Accredited University (graduation year 2020 or newer). Minimum graduation GPA of 3.6/4.0 or equivalent.
Teaching experience is preferable.
Has the potential to assist in the Accreditation process.
An outstanding portfolio that includes other experiences related to university functions and activities that may contribute to AIU’s success is a plus.
Excellent Communication and presentation skills. 
Ability to work in a team. 
Excellent English language command (writing and speaking). 
Applicant must hold Egyptian citizenship.
Assessment Method:

Short-listed candidates will be invited for interview and presentation.


Misrepresentation or omitting any facts relevant to the hiring process in your application and CV or during the interview may result in terminating the hiring process or the contract in addition to any subsequent actions. 
You are expected to provide reference and employment letters.
How to Apply:

Strong candidates are encouraged to apply through the application link below, this will require uploading an up-to-date CV (including sections for scientific degrees, academic experience, research experience, and administrative experience) and a voice recording in English for initial screening. 

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وظائف جامعة العلمين الجديدة بمصر بتخصصات المحاسبة والإدارة والهندسة وبعض التخصصات الاخرى لسنة 2024